A Baking Day

The end of year homeschool picnic is today and my girls are entering the bake off. They’re a bit nervous. I’m not sure if they’ll all get to make something different because time is of essence here. However, I think they’ve collaborated on something they can do together.

I was actually thinking that one of the older ones should partner up with one of the younger ones and do two desserts. That way everyone will feel as though they’ve accomplished something. I just don’t think that four girls on one dessert will be very…well productive in the sense that everyone will get to do something. So today will be a day of baking. I’ll supervise (while doing some office work) today. I’m sure it will turn out fine.

I’ll post some pictures of the girls as they bake away for the bake off. Although I’m in the process of sewing more aprons, I don’t currently have ones for the littler girls. They’re coming though…they’re coming. (That’s what I have to keep telling them.) I know they’d love to take pictures in their little aprons so I’d better get them all sewn up soon. They’re really simple but being 7 and a half months pregnant can slow a lady down (smile).

If you have any mini apron patterns you’d like to share, please do. I’d like to have a variety to pull from. I’ll share some of mine as I complete them. Oops – I hear one of the girls so I’d better get them rolling on breakfast so we can get an early start on baking. Have a blessed day!

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