Thankfulness For Laundry Day

I seem to let laundry day slip by me without getting everything done. Today’s the day I’ve promised myself a true commitment to my laundry. I’m going to tackle the ironing, make the laundry detergent (which lasts me about three months at a time and only costs about 5 cents per load), and tackle some of the mending I have in my mending box. I have to say, without complaining, that I am encouraged about my laundry tasks, though this type of thing may be considered done by quite the maverick. I suppose a maverick I will be!

Today I’m sharing some of the blessings of the housewife of the early 1900’s. This is from a book called, “The Complete Home” by Clara Elizabeth Laughlin, Oliver R. Williamson, and Sarah Cory Rippey. Reading this excerpt made me really thankful that although laundry day (for nine) certainly is a job, it looks like a walk in the park compared to the woman of yesteryear. There were so many steps and requirements. I’m only including the first few steps of this wonderful task. However, there are many more that follow, which I will include next week. Enjoy!

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