When Order Fails

Yesterday was not one of my better laundry days. I had a few children hold hostage some clothing and dump it all on me at one time. So whereas I thought my job was light, I was attacked, once again, by that dreadful laundry monster. So today I’ll be dealing with laundry again today. I’d better put on my iPod and listen to Nancy Cambell for some inspiration.

Since today, technically, is kitchen day. I’ll have the girls get in on the action and shred some carrots. We have a couple boxes of baby carrots that we have to put to use. So the oldest asked to make a carrot cake and we’ll be having some carrot raisin salad. I’ll also throw in some carrot muffins to freeze. There are so many of them! What a busy day today will be.

Speaking of kitchen day, here’s another blurb from The Complete Home by Clara Laughlin. This one is specifically about order in the home, scheduling days of the week to get things done, and what happens if you don’t get it all done (like me). This is a short excerpt as the entire section was pretty lengthy so if you’d like to read beyond what I have here, please go to the link “The Complete Home. Hope you like it.

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