Simple Pleasures and Needed Rest

I apologize that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. I’ve been feeling the like a real sluggard these past few days. I was pretty good up until the weekend. I got up early in the morning and hit a few yard sales looking for a few craft supplies. Well, although I didn’t find craft supplies, I did manage to obtain a commercial vacuum and a Hoover steam cleaner that were a real steal! I had lots of energy up until I got them home (and I didn’t even carry them in).

When I came back in (somewhere around 11 a.m.), Hubby and I took the kids out. They absolutely love yard sales and they’re (the older ones that is) pretty good at finding new items with the tag still on. So we ended up out with them for another three hours or so. By the time I got in, I was completely beat and I don’t think I’ve recovered yet.

Then on Sunday after church, it was the pool. It had to have been 90 degrees out. So the rest of that day was complete rest (and play). Hubby put the air in the pool and I tell you by the time they finished, it looked like the air had just about come out. Then there was the neighbor’s ladder placed in the pool. They had a blast and I think I did too just watching. I promised myself I’d take a nap right after church to rest my feet (that looked like elephant feet from the swelling); however, I just couldn’t miss that. I have to admit that whatever energy I did have must have surfaced up just in time to watch my babies laugh, play, and have a great time. What more could I ask for?

Monday, Memorial Day, was a wonderful pouring down of rain. All of the sudden we heard a big boom and about five minutes later, the rain fell like the clouds were holding back for a long time. It was wonderful! The kids all twirled around in the rain holding their arms up in the air. I sat in the chair on the porch watching, laughing, and taking pictures. Everyone was drenched and then the rain suddenly stopped. How refreshing that was. The girls said it was a Memorial Day to remember. What a blessing that I didn’t have to rent a moon bounce, face painter, and hire a caterer for the kids to have a great time. They were quite satisfied with the most simple of things that only God could provide.

Tuesday and yesterday I spent running around getting some things we needed and making more crafts for the website, ebay, and etsy. We took the kids with us and they were able to play in the mall play area.
I don’t think they got to play long enough (for them at least). I was able to get some things up but have quite a few more to go so I’ll be doing that and some sewing projects today. Of course I’ll have to do that between those household chores I’ve managed to allow to fall by the wayside during this eighth month of pregnancy sluggish period. Honestly, my mind is saying, “Go…Go…Go,” but my body is saying, “Girly, ya better sit down.” So I pray for the time to rest (just a little nook or cranny) so that my body can rejuvenate itself and I’ll have the energy to press on.

They were looking at a screen and trying to dodge other cars.
I couldn’t get my 2 year old off the fire engine so his brother tried to convince him.

Two little girls (although you can barely see one) happily riding a buggy car.

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