Little Things Mean A Lot

Every now and again, I’m inspired to create something a little different. Each candle, basket or other notion that I come up with is unique in that it expresses a mood, a thought, an era or a combination of all three. Today, I plan to work on some tea towels to add to the store. Although my inspiration is great, sometimes I end up doing something completely different from what I started out to do. But I suppose we’ll see what happens because right now I’m feeling a bit vintage; however, by noon, I may be feeling more eclectic.

I enjoy having my girls help out with the creativity of a lot of this. They’re eager to jump in and come up with ideas, particularly for their own age group. Some of the items are already up on the site. Take look and see ( It’s not completely finished but it’s a start. So as I wind down and begin to get ready for delivery. It’s really (I mean really) appreciated that the girls can help out so much. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Speaking of help, my oldest made the best homemade buttermilk battered chicken fingers last night. I mean there were none left! I promise I left the kitchen for no more than an hour and when I returned there was only enough to feed my two year old (who was still taking quite a late nap). Oh well, I was able to get a tiny piece and they were quite wonderful.

My sweet nine year old daughter has made a habit of visiting the field and gathering up daisies to bring in to mommy. I love daisies, and thanks to her, I get to see them right in the window sill every day (smile). She’s so happy to bring them in and they’re very pretty to look at. I’m so thankful for these little ones. They show me day after day what there is to be thankful for.

Now I’m off to get started because if I don’t now, I’ll never get anything done. I mean that literally because the longer I sit, the more computer work I think of doing, then none of the stuff I need to do gets done. So I’m off. Prayerfully, we’ll get some of the tea towels done and up on the site for buying today (or tomorrow). Until then…be blessed.

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