Floral Fancy

I’ve been working on some new candle designs for the store and I’m feeling a bit of a creative block right now. There are so many ideas I’ve had that I’ve jotted down in my trusty little notebook but the past couple of days I find myself sitting in my work area and just staring.

It seems I’ve really been into the whole floral theme the past week or so. Here are a few of the designs I’ve come up with:

The first one is one I call “Blessings Abound” because that’s what’s on the candle. It has a bit of a prim feel to it with the theme of ivy. The second is one is a baby powder candle that I call “Classy Clean Cotton.” The roses and ribbons give it a bit of a “pretty” feel. This one is actually clean cotton scented. The third is what I call my “Victorian Rose” candle. It has the vibe of romance and elegance and carries the fragrance of English garden. Any of these candles can be purchased either here by clicking the “Buy Now” button below or through the store http://everythingdawn.com/candles.

Candle Selection
Classy Clean Cotton $10.00 Victorian Rose $15.00 Blessings Abound $10.00

I’ll also be posting these on etsy fairly soon. I’ve been so busy trying to get my work area together that I’ve been a bit slow on production. I’m hoping to have more up by the weekend (along with my wonderful tea towels).

Off to go and bake some Bosch bread now. I finally got it and I’m excited to use it. Blessings to you.

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