A Quick Fix To Meal Planning

Meal planning for a family of 10 can be challenging. Particularly with a newborn, I have so much to accomplish in a day that sometimes I can let meal planning slide until it’s dinner time. Then I find myself standing there with a blank look on my face and a brood of hungry people posing that oh so frequently asked question, “What’s for dinner?”

Well I’m thrilled to have found a great meal planning software on BigOven.com. It allows me to find recipes when I want to try something different with chicken because we’ve already had it twice within the week. It also gives me a meal planning calender and a wonderful little tool that adds all the ingredients in my recipe to a shopping list. How easy is that? Well, it gets better. BigOven’s program allows me to import recipes from the website and even add my own. And for those little dishes that only serve four, it will convert the servings for me. All I have to do is enter in how many I want to serve, click a button and voila – a shopping list with all my ingredients for everything on my meal plan. No more blank looks or figuring out what to put on my grocery list.

Right now I’m enjoying the 30 day free trial but I’m already hooked. This is definitely a must have software program. My older girls will also benefit from it since it also serves as a breakfast and lunch planner. So now I’m off to do some meal planning (after a quick nap while the baby is asleep). I encourage you to download BigOven’s software. It’s a homekeeper’s best friend!

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