Most Valuable Employee

For years I’ve heard different views on being a homemaker. Many of these views are based on the precept that there is much more value in doing something outside of the home that being stuck in the house with (or without) their children.

I remember when I was working outside of the home. My routine started the night before work, getting everything I could ready so that I could sleep in as long as I could before I actually had no choice but to get up. Since one of my girls was still a baby, I prepped all of her bottles the night before so that I’d have as little to do as possible the next morning. I laid out all of our clothes, and packed both the toddler and infant bags so I could grab them quickly before going out of the door.

The next morning I always wished I could just call in. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my career but I hated taking my babies somewhere else for someone else to be taken care of for such long periods of time every day. I hated when the daycare provider would smile and tell me of the many firsts of my baby! I remember feeling like I was missing out on so much of what I wanted to be there for. Then, by the time I picked them up and we were all home together, there were only a few short hours left in the day for me to enjoy them before it was back to the same routine again.

Well, I was laid off. I went out to seek another position, not because I really wanted to work but because I had never conceived it possible to stay at home. I’d seen the example, in my own home growing up, of a working mother. It was what I thought I was supposed to do. Considering this, I didn’t think it at all appropriate to sit around waiting for my ideal position to pop up. I needed to be working and, rather quickly, I was hired for another position in the same field. Only this time, the position was a bit farther away, paid less money, and I didn’t enjoy the environment whatsoever.

Well, as the Lord would have it, we found out that we were expecting a third baby about three months after I started in that position. Inevitably, I had to take off for doctor appointments. Okay, that was once a month to begin, but when it was combined with taking off with my sick children who had obtained the most recently spread daycare illness, or running late because my toddler had an accident before we walked out of the door, or running late simply because I’d inadvertently forgotten something for the babies at home, I had become more of a liability to my employer. Truthfully, I was burdened by it as well. So I was let go.

I haven’t been back to work for a company since then, and that was over ten years ago. So after all I’ve been through in the work force, I can appreciate being a keeper of my home. I’m able to witness the milestones of my children that I would otherwise have missed. My children aren’t sick nearly as much as they were being in daycare, and I can truly enjoy the blessings that they are in the Lord (Psalm 127:3). I’m even my children’s biggest influence.

Is it always easy? I would say not. In fact, it’s probably the most challenging job I’ve ever had. I’ve had to take a severe pay cut. I’m working a little harder and the hours are longer. However, I’m loved on my job, respected, and what more comfortable environment could I ask for? I’m always awarded most valuable employee; and I’m highly favored by my immediate supervisor and the big boss (my husband and the Most High).

So when someone tells me that they couldn’t be at home or that they could be of more value doing other things, I respond, “There’s no job more valuable than being a keeper of the home.”

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