Cloth Baby Diapers – Cute and Economical

Who says cloth diapers are old fashioned? Well, I’m here to tell you that cloth diapers are not only an economical choice, they’re earth friendly and down right cute. Cloth diapers are nothing like the ones you used to see with the almost hourglass form and bulky diaper pins. Cloth diapers will make a baby bottom cute enough for you to show it off.

I’ve heard some talk about reasons a person might not want to use cloth vs. disposable. The main reason is always the smell. Well, I’ve used both and, frankly, all diapers smell. Whether in a pail, a “genie,” or a regular old garbage can, diapers are smelly. I don’t think that using cloth makes them any more smelly than using disposable.

With a newborn, I have plenty of diapers to change, and I have to admit, I love my little cloth diapers. They breathe better than disposable, they actually force me to not leave an over wet diaper on my baby, and I can use them over and over, saving tons.

Here’s a picture of one of the diapers I’m currently using. These are pretty absorbent but will need a diaper cover to prevent wet (or soil) from leaking into baby’s clothing. You can see the first picture shows the diaper has diaper pins and bottles in the pattern of the fabric. The second shows the elastic around the legs for a nice fit. You can’t really see the Velcro closing on either but that’s what keeps the diaper nice and snug. The Velcro actually makes the diaper more adjustable for a longer fit.

This one is a picture of my all in one diaper. It has the PUL waterproof covering so I don’t have to use the plastic pants. These are the ones I use when I’m going out and at night. I have baby Josiah modeling his all in one. He didn’t mind too much since he was sound asleep. But here you can see the fit and the diaper before wear. It fits very snug around the legs and is also adjustable around the waist. I haven’t had any leaks with this one.

These are small sized, velcro fastened diapers and Josiah’s a little dumpling so I have the fasteners adjusted to the largest that a small diaper would allow me to adjust it. This is one of my own patterns that works out really well for me. I also have used PooPockets One Size Diaper Pattern by New Conceptions, which has gussets. There are also Bummis and Baby Beehinds (who offers covers in a variety of fabrics like hemp and wool).

There are many other free diaper patterns online. If you’re up to the challenge, this is a very good, cost effective project to take on. Bottom line (no pun intended) cloth diapers are a cute, economical way to diaper your baby.

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