Tutorial For Making Dairy Goodies

About a week ago, I posted on making your own yogurt. Today I want to share one of our new store videos with regard to that topic. It’s a home making video by the West Ladies titled, “Homestead Blessings: The Art of Dairy Delights.” This video explains the benefits of making your own dairy delights while giving step by step instruction for making homemade butter, ice cream, yogurt, and cheeses.

My family has been making homemade yogurt for awhile now and we’ve loved how economical it is. Now the girls are eager to begin butter and cheese making. I think the West Ladies make it look easy enough for them to actually want to jump right in and I know these are skills they’ll be able to use for life.

So here’s a little clip of the “Dairy Delights” video so you can get a glimpse of the warmth and charm of the West Ladies. We absolutely LOVE their videos because of the charm in their presentation (as well as the fact that they show you how easy making things from home can be). If you’re interested in this, we’ve just gotten them in the store so feel free to place an order directly from our online store and we’ll ship it to you free this week.


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