Apron Fever

I love a cute apron. I’ve come up with a few patterns on my own and they’ve ranged from the “country cottage apron” to the “you just look too cute while you’re doing housework” apron. I wear them based on how I’m feeling for the day. Today I’m feeling as though the “walk around the house and look cute” apron may just help me flutter through my morning chores a wee bit quicker. I just love how an apron can express a mood.

I have to admit that I have my days when I feel pretty frumpy and throw on something just to get through the day. However, when I pull out my aprons, I’m inspired just a bit. I don’t own one apron that says, “Complain and murmur” so I generally have to check my attitude when I go the the apron station.

There are aprons for so many purpose. For example, there are hostess aprons, cleaning aprons, cookery aprons, and the list goes on. Once you combine style with purpose, an apron can go quite a long way. Custom made aprons give a really personal feel to your apron and can even create memories. I’m planning a hope chest for my girls and will most certainly have a couple of wonderful aprons in there for them.

Aprons can say so many things about how I feel. In fact’m off to begin my venture of creating some new patterns as this blog as just inspired my creative juices. If you’re a bit of a seamstress, try some of the cute patterns in the book, “Sew, So Cute!” It has the cutest things to try in there. I just got a copy for my girls to pick some sewing projects (since they’re pretty fond of aprons also).

Well — I’m off. Walk in your blessings!

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