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It’s funny because I don’t really have an elaborate or heart touching story as to how Everything Dawn came about. I love candles and wanted to make strongly scented candles from home. So that’s what I did. I tested many different recipes until I came up with one that would produce a smooth candle that burns clean and holds a lasting fragrance the entire burn time. Once I came up with a good recipe, my husband and I began to promote them everywhere we went. We gave them to family members, took them to our son’s baseball games, and gave them away to stores to burn and the rest is history.

Everything Dawn now represents the inspirations that come with every new day. It’s now a vision of building a home and encouraging others to build theirs. It’s a place where there’s baking, crafting, and sewing. It’s a place where where family is the heart and Christ is the foundation. It’s a place where friends are always welcome.

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