When Order Fails

Yesterday was not one of my better laundry days. I had a few children hold hostage some clothing and dump it all on me at one time. So whereas I thought my job was light, I was attacked, once again, by that dreadful laundry monster. So today I’ll be dealing with laundry again today. I’d better put on my iPod and listen to Nancy Cambell for some inspiration.

Since today, technically, is kitchen day. I’ll have the girls get in on the action and shred some carrots. We have a couple boxes of baby carrots that we have to put to use. So the oldest asked to make a carrot cake and we’ll be having some carrot raisin salad. I’ll also throw in some carrot muffins to freeze. There are so many of them! What a busy day today will be.

Speaking of kitchen day, here’s another blurb from The Complete Home by Clara Laughlin. This one is specifically about order in the home, scheduling days of the week to get things done, and what happens if you don’t get it all done (like me). This is a short excerpt as the entire section was pretty lengthy so if you’d like to read beyond what I have here, please go to the link “The Complete Home. Hope you like it.


Thankfulness For Laundry Day

I seem to let laundry day slip by me without getting everything done. Today’s the day I’ve promised myself a true commitment to my laundry. I’m going to tackle the ironing, make the laundry detergent (which lasts me about three months at a time and only costs about 5 cents per load), and tackle some of the mending I have in my mending box. I have to say, without complaining, that I am encouraged about my laundry tasks, though this type of thing may be considered done by quite the maverick. I suppose a maverick I will be!

Today I’m sharing some of the blessings of the housewife of the early 1900’s. This is from a book called, “The Complete Home” by Clara Elizabeth Laughlin, Oliver R. Williamson, and Sarah Cory Rippey. Reading this excerpt made me really thankful that although laundry day (for nine) certainly is a job, it looks like a walk in the park compared to the woman of yesteryear. There were so many steps and requirements. I’m only including the first few steps of this wonderful task. However, there are many more that follow, which I will include next week. Enjoy!

A Busy Day Takes the Idleness Away!

Today is quite the busy day – Laundry Day.  My son decided to skid across the lawn in his jeans yesterday, creating a HUGE grass stain but mommy saved the jeans with old fashioned stain remover! It helps when laundry day falls on a wonderfully sunny day; however, today isn’t so sunny so I couldn’t take advantage of the sun as an alternate dryer (smile). Seems like the laundry is running extra long, likely because I’m waiting for it to stop. I have much ironing to do while I wait so there’s definitely no time to sit around.

On another note, I had to go and take the gestational glucose test today. Yuk! Nothing like drinking a cup full of syrup in five minutes, sitting around for an hour and having your blood drawn. With my other children, I was able to bring the yukky drink home and just arrive at the doctor’s office in an hour for drawing. I think I liked that much better. Anywho, it’s done and considering I had my beautiful bouncy two year old with me (who insisted upon watching repeated YouTube videos of Fraggle Rock and Yo Gabba Gabba on my Touch phone) the wait wasn’t too bad. Now it’s back to work at home.

Whenever I have a break in the day like that, it’s very hard for me to pick up the pace and get things done. Yet I look around me and I need to get up from here and do stuff! While the laundry is a-going, I have to do a serious de-clutter of those desks again. I promise that as long as they’re visible, people are going to put things on top of them. So that’s one more task for the liking. 😉

I did manage to bake five loaves of bread this morning. I’m pleased to say I got something accomplished. I also ordered my kefir grain starter. I wasn’t very pleased with the powdered starter. Though I still have a couple of packages of it left, I’ve heard that the grains last longer so I’m going for the grains. Can’t wait to get them. I heard raving reviews about CulturesForHealth.com so I’m giving them a try. I’ll let you know how it turns out. In addition, I’ve got more grains to soak for dinner rolls tomorrow. Gotta use up some of my sourdough and the rest of the kefir I already have in the fridge to make room for more.

I was also given two large boxes of baby carrots that I’ll need to be canning this evening. Like I said, it’s a busy day. So I’d better go get started since I’ll can just see there will be much more to do if I don’t get going now.  Be blessed!